Production Water Management for CO2 EOR

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Produced Water Management for CO2 EOR and the Unconventional Plays Draft Outline (as of Nov 10, 2014)

CO2 Conference Short Course No. 16: 12/10/14, Midland Center 8:15 am – 5:30 pm Reception at the Midland Center to Follow

1. Introduction: The Challenges of CO2 EOR Water Handling (Steve Melzer, APTA)

2. Regulatory Assistance / Regulatory Barriers (John Tintera, Tx Alliance)

3. Produced Water: Where the Water Nexus May be Taking Us

4. CO2 EOR Water Handling Case Histories

5.The Growing Water Demand

6. The Field Tested Demonstration Project No 1 (Eureka Resources,  Williamsport, PA {invited –})

7. The Field Tested Demonstration Project No 2 (Gradiant Corporation {}

Buffet Lunch at the Midland Center

8. Water Handling Design & Retrofitting a Waterflood for CO2 (Paul Carmody, Facility & Plant Consulting, LLC)

9. Factors in the Permian Basin Subsurface Mass Balance (David Merchant, Merchant Consulting)

10. CO2 EOR, Unconventionals & Depressuring the ROZs: Where Do they Fit?

11. Optional 2+ hour Field Trip* to a Plant South of Midland

* The field trip above is confirmed to a site 20 minutes south of Midland