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The event this year will prove to be a festival of practical technology, project planning and actual case histories in what will be 25th Annual CO2 Conference Week. It will begin on Monday morning, December 9th and continue thru noon on Friday, December 13th at the sparkling new and ultra-modern Midland Center (Bush Convention Center (BCC) in downtown Midland. The sponsors of the week are the Who’s Who of upstream, midstream and service companies serving the CO2 and gas injection worlds.

The “kickoff” Monday event is the 17th annual EOR Carbon Management Workshop designed to address the emerging business areas of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and CC Utilization and Storage (CCUS). New project planning has seen robust activity since the passage of the new 45Q tax credit incentives in Feb 2018. The event will bring together the companies planning and implementing the projects with a strong emphasis on the companies building around CO2 EOR in the storage side of the projects. It will also examine the new and ongoing Federal and State legislative and policy initiatives attempting to encourage the CO2 capture. We will have our CO2 week welcoming reception that evening at the Bush Convention Center (BCC). The next day will feature a field trip to the SACROC oilfield which has seen CO2 injection for 46 years and is still storing 6 million tons of CO2 each year while making ~30,000 barrels of oil per day. A visit to the largest CO2 recycle plant in the world is part of the agenda. On Wednesday the 11th, the conference will have its annual full-day seminar, this year concentrating on the detection and properties of vertical transmissive fractures in the subsurface where immense progress has been made due to the explosion of horizontal wells and the technology associated with them. A lineup of the finest group of worldwide natural fracture observers has been gathered and 5-7 case histories will be featured in the PM portion of the event. Natural, transmissive fractures are being shown to affect a host of well issues including sour oil where sweet oil was expected, poor oil cuts, inability to pump off depressuring wells, and induced seismicity. The featured evening reception at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum will cap off a day promising to be one to remember a long time. The key sponsors of the reception are Kinder Morgan CO2 and the Permian Basin Section of the SPE.

Thursday’s morning session will begin with a recap of the Monday Workshop but is dedicated to actual case histories of the emerging field of cyclic gas injection. Actual field data is available to review the effectiveness of EOR in the shale plays using recycled natural gas and projections of the effectiveness of CO2 injection. The keynote speaker at lunchtime is Dr. Todd Hoffman of Montana Tech who is currently traveling around the globe as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer on the cyclic injection in unconventional reservoirs. The PM session will have some CO2 EOR case histories but feature some of the exciting advances in design and implementation of recycle gas plants. A 25th-anniversary celebration reception will be held that evening at the Bush Center sponsored by several of the long-standing sponsors of the Conference Week.

The final CO2 session will be held on Friday and will feature a recap of the Wednesday short course on natural transmissive fractures and three CO2 reservoir case histories. A networking lunch will follow with a sandwich buffet and conclude the conference week activities. The conference week ends at 1:00 after the lunch.