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It is becoming more widely recognized that CO2 EOR can play an enormous role in the future of energy around the world. The dual roles of growing oil production and providing market solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are making this a unique business opportunity. Part of the challenge ahead is to develop a better understanding the interplay between CO2 capture and storage (CCUS) and CO2 EOR. The annual CO2 Conference Week in the Permian Basin region of West Texas is the place where the challenges are addressed thoroughly and practically. At first glance, the week’s activities appear to be designed for two separate audiences but the overall design is to bring the disparate audiences together to exchange ideas and help create actual CCUS and EOR projects.

The EOR Carbon Management Workshop was held on December 9-11 while its sister event (the CO2 Flooding Conference) had activities on the 11th -13th, all in Midland, Tx heart of the Permian Basin and home to 65 EOR projects with its 200,000 barrels of EOR oil per day. The Workshop started with a forum on Monday afternoon entitled “Concurrent CO2 EOR and CO2 Storage: Issues and Pathways Forward for CCUS Implementation.” The Forum was sponsored by the Global CCS Institute. On Tuesday, the EOR Carbon Management Workshop devoted the day to the progress on the CCUS front. If CCUS business is your objective, the Workshop was the place to be as folks planning and conducting actual capture and injection projects today were there. An all-day field trip to KinderMorgan’s SACROC CO2 flood and Facilities was held on Wednesday, Dec 11th.

The CO2 Flooding Conference kicked off on Wednesday, Dec 11th with a short course on “Surveillance and Monitoring of CO2 Injection Projects.” Both the on-going CO2 flood surveillance methods and emerging MVA case histories in storage projects were presented. The Thursday Theme Session was the most popular of all the week’s events and featured CO2 supply shortage issues as well as case histories of CO2 flood operations. Friday’s theme session emphasized new flood practices and reservoir case histories. Two receptions were held during the evenings to assist with networking and provide an escape from the technical talks during the day.  The Thursday evening reception was followed by a guest speaker on the on-going Martian exploration mission and was held at the new and beautiful Wagner-Noel Performing Arts Center.

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Map of Midland Area and Key Conference  Venues