CO2 Conference Week


“It’s where the field and office come together to make things happen” 

Once again, the Conference Committee for the 2017 CO2 Conference Week (Dec 4th-7th, 2017) is busy with the planning and preparations for the entire CO2 Conference week events including both the 15th annual EOR Carbon Management Workshop and the 23rd Annual CO2 Flooding and ROZ Conference.

Since 1994, the conference has continued to expose both new ideas and field-tested practices to the CO2 business community and provide scholarship funding to help the industry staff for the future. The conference has grown to spread out over nearly a full week and to include a CO2 capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) workshop, a specialized subject seminar/short course, as well as the ever-popular CO2 enhanced oil recovery and Residual Oil Zone case histories. Over the last ten years, the Conference has been the leading avenue for the public vetting of the exciting area of residual oil and transition zones which are becoming an important target for both EOR and horizontal wells and has attracted international attendees (and a few international speakers with ROZ examples) wanting to hear more about this exciting new area.

This year’s flooding conference will start on Monday, December 4th and continue thru Thursday (7th) at the venue of the Horseshoe Facility in south Midland. The planning calls for leading off with our annual Carbon Management Workshop with the latest in CO2 capture and demonstration projects, future plans, legislative initiatives, and policy matters related to carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS). We will have our CO2 week welcoming reception that evening. Then, starting at 8:00 am on Tuesday, the plans are to examine in detail the Residual Oil Zones (ROZs) exploitation underway in the Permian Basin with a look at both the CO2 EOR projects and the horizontal well utilization spreading throughout the Central Basin Platform and onto the North Shelf. Much has happened since last year and we estimate that nearly 20,000 bopd are now coming from the ROZ greenfields (no overlying main payzone) in addition to the 175,000 bopd coming from CO2 EOR in the main pay zones, transition and ROZs. We will devote an entire day to the seminar and have the popular conference reception sponsored by the Permian Basin Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers that evening. We are looking to have a new venue this year; the confectionary called Susie’s South Forty near downtown Midland, Texas, at the heart of the excitingly active Permian Basin region of the U.S.

On the 6th we will begin our full day of the always well-attended EOR and ROZ case history theme sessions. The sessions will open with presentations that feature updates on the new developments in and the status of CO2 floods in both the Permian Basin and elsewhere. The Thursday afternoon session will provide the reservoir case histories including some newly selected speakers regarding the horizontal well depressuring projects. Speakers are always encouraged to present their newest field-tested concepts, ideas and best practices, but the conference also encourages some discussion of business aspects of their projects during the talks.

Activities following the Wednesday session will be a full-day field trip on Thursday. Early plans include travel to the vertically flooded Wellman field and its modern recycle and NGL recovery plant with a side trip to western Yoakum County where over 50 horizontal wells have been drilled in three years in the San Andres formation ROZ there. The trip route will also take the occasion to drive by Kinder Morgan’s Tall Cotton Greenfield ROZ CO2 flooding project on the way back to Midland and, time permitting, a drive-by of the impressive Seminole San Andres Unit CO2 Recycle and natural gas liquids removal plant. The buses should return To Midland by 4:30 at the latest so that folks can catch their evening flights out of Midland. For a summary of the entire conference week activities please click here.

View the Full week agenda here.

This year the conference planning committee anticipates the return of our previous sponsors which, once again, are the Who’s Who of CO2 EOR and CO2 capture along with some of the key operators in the horizontal San Andres drilling world. Examples include Kinder Morgan CO2, Occidental Permian, Devon Energy, Petro Harvester, Trinity CO2, GE Oil and Gas, Denbury Resources, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Petra Nova, Linde/Praxair, Exxon Gas & Power Marketing, Premier Oil Recovery, Reagan Power, Tabula Rasa, XTO, BP, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America, NCG Consulting Group, Windy Cove, Enhance Energy, Russell K. Hall and Associates, Apache, Chevron, Schlumberger, the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (WY), and Advanced Resources International, The Applied Petroleum Technology Academy, The Permian Basin Section of the SPE. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin and Midland College are our host organizations.

The planning committee has always recognized the need for keeping registration fees as low as possible to encourage new entries into this CO2 and ROZ world. The sponsors are proud to provide that for the conference. They have also allowed the Conference to give back to the flooding and educational communities in the form of scholarship opportunities through the SPE Section to deserving students. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin in addition to assisting with the conference planning, is also a recipient as the conference is endowing an Engineering professorship. Over the years, the sponsors and our attendees have allowed us to contribute over $600,000 to the SPE scholarship funds and we have now contributed $200,000 to the endowment in the seven years we have been contributing.

We feel that no other conference expressly caters to the companies busy with the aspects of CO2 flooding, the planning for CO2 capture with concurrent CO2 storage during EOR, and ROZ development. The subjects get technical in portions of the week but policy matters and regulatory issues are also part of the agenda each year. A look at the typical audience profile by company type and location can be seen here. Please note also that past conference presentations are available for a free download on this website

The registration site will be available the first week of September. You will be able to sign up for the entire conference week or pick and chose the events of most interest to you. We hope that you will see the value in attending.


L. Stephen Melzer
CO2 Conf Week Director